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 Grate Service, Friendly Easy to Work With, Will Definitely Reffed Other customers to use Their Services 

Date Written: 08 October 2009
Testimonial by: Joann Sutton
Los Angeles (310)751-6444

 Chris and Erne Where Grate and Outstanding Job If I ever need this type of service again I would request them without hesitation. Feel Free to contact me for any Client Reference at (240)784-6369 

Date Written: 06 October 2009
Testimonial by: Dnielle Banks
(240)784-6369 (V an Nuys)

  Your Guys are the best in the World, Arrive on time, Very Professionals, Efficient and Polite Please feel free to contact me for any reference about Hollywood Move & Storage 

Date Written: 06 October 2009
Testimonial by: Jaime Gillie
Valley Village (818)62-3353

 You Guys are the Best, Thank you for Arrive on time and Help me with everything I needed with my move...Keep the good work up.. : -) 

Date Written: 06 October 2009
Testimonial by: April Conrad
Hollywood (404)277-2799

  Very Efficient and Very Polite, this guys are the best i the industry, they did a grate job and very professional on everything they did. Thank you 

Date Written: 06 October 2009
Testimonial by: Freyda Miller
Beverly Hills(310) 995-0799
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Moving Basics

Here are some additional general moving tips that will be advantageous to consider during your move:

Check the Calendar

  • Certain times of the year are busier moving times. It's wise to plan ahead and make sure there is availability on the day you want to move.
  • It is important to book your moving services well ahead to secure your ideal moving date.
  • Remember that time is important on moving day. For instance, if you have a waterbed, it is likely to take around two hours to empty the water! So plan ahead and consider doing certain tasks the night before.

Don't Make Avoidable Mistakes

  • When looking for properties, don't forget to measure the space for your refrigerator and other kitchen or laundry appliances.
  • Find out if your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy covers your belongings in transit.
  • It is important to remember that all pools and spas that can hold water must have appropriate barriers to prevent access by young children.
  • It's a good idea to compare measurements of the doorways and hallways in your new home. You may actually need to sell or donate some items.
  • Don't forget to be environmentally friendly! Flatten all your moving boxes for recycling. Many moving companies will pick them up after your move.

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* Notify the post office that you are moving and Notify other institutions:
Bank/Finance Companies
Credit Card Companies
Department of Motor Vehicles

State/Federal Tax Bureaus
Social Security Administration
Gas Company
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* Prepare a list of friends, relatives, business firms and others who should be notified of your move. The following checklist will be helpful


Moving Check List

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Corporate Move, Business Move

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